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About Charles Douglas

Charles Douglas is a theatre director from Norfolk, where he also studied English Literature & Drama at the University of East Anglia. Charles was awarded the 'David & Jo Spinks Award' for his outstanding work in the field of Drama, whilst maintaining a high standard of academic work. He is now based in London.

As a theatre-maker, Charles strives to work with new writing and contemporary plays to discuss relevant issues in a new, informative way. Contemporaneity is a crucial part to his work.

Charles' style incorporates elements of surrealism, blended with a naturalistic style, as a way of accentuating the poignancy of a message or theme within a play. His previous experience as a lighting designer allows him to consider how the aesthetic of a piece can influence the tone and style of a production. He also has lots of prior experience with QLab.

His biggest belief is that theatre should be a forum, and not an accusation. 

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