Assault With A Deadly Weapon

"It's all about information.

You can have a picture of someone and the information/ the data/ and you already know what they’d say, enough to have lost conversations when they’re as far away as another human being can be."

The play centres around Bella; a phone sex operator who is trying to survive in this harsh reality despite her debts in life. She is a passenger in her own body, as she switches from mask to mask, to the extent that her real self becomes lost through trying to keep afloat.

Set in an alternative reality, where technology hasn’t so much advanced as has become our entire way of surviving, Assault With A Deadly Weapon explores issues of privacy and connection through technology.

Assault With A Deadly Weapon will premiere with Opsis Theatre Company at the White Lab Theatre in Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross. Dates TBC.

Written by Thomas Heath.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Dramaturg - Oliver McFadden. 

Designer - Layla Bradbeer.

Sound Designer - Ali Taie.


©2020 by Charles Douglas.