Assault With A Deadly Weapon

"It's all about information.

You can have a picture of someone and the information/ the data/ and you already know what they’d say, enough to have lost conversations when they’re as far away as another human being can be."

Assault With A Deadly Weapon is a short play that explores issues of data privacy and isolation; in a time where technology should bring us closer together. In this digital space we meet Bella, a hotline operator; her manager Marcus; and her naive but strong-willed customer Danni.

Assault With A Deadly Weapon premiereed with Opsis Theatre Company on YouTube on the 20th February, 2021.​

Written by Thomas Heath

Director - Charles Douglas

Dramaturg - Olivier McFadden

Produced by Georgia Hulkes

Designer & Editor - Layla Bradbeer

Sound Designer & Supervisor - Ali Taie

Bella – Colette Eaton

Marcus – Seb Fear

Danni – Hannah Moss


©2020 by Charles Douglas.