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Audio Transcript From Airfrance Flight 447

16th March 2020

"All he’d have to do is point the nose downwards and they could regain that crucial speed and lift: instead he points the plane up."

It's the early hours of June 1st, 2009. David Roberts and Pierre Bonin are flying an Airbus A330 to Paris. Audio Transcript takes the real life transcript of this flight moments before their unfortunate crash, and gives us an insight into the events leading up to this tragic event. 

Audio Transcript of Airfrance Flight 447 debuted with Plays Rough London at the Old Red Lion Theatre, as part of their 'Factual & Fantasy' event.

Written by Jethro Harrup.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Narrator - Cassie Symes. 

Pierre - Ruby Richardson.

David - Bridget Benstead. 

Captain - Sara Galvin. 

Photography by Charlie Bell. 

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