"Snog, marry, avoid: the father, the son and the holy spirit?"

A comical satire exploring the infamous Oxbridge interviews, and the classist nature of our education system. In this fast paced piece, we switch between ridiculous entry interviews, seminars where students struggle to think for themselves, and the corruptness of upper class University professors. Colloquium eloquently and hilariously critiques the absurdist nature of life at Oxbridge, and the arrogance embedded in the institutions.

A 15-minute scratch performance of Colloquium will take place at the end of March.

The full-length production will be performed in 2021 with Quintuple L Productions

Written by Katherine Stockton.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Producers - Becca Rowson & Emily Cunningham

Student A - Caitlin Wood

Student B - Sophie Coward

Professor A - Sean Bennett

Professor B - Daniel Hemsley 


©2020 by Charles Douglas.