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9th to the 11th May 2019

"If we didn't have work, if we were just sitting in the sand in a desert somewhere, and we'd lost our only child … Can you imagine? It's happening to someone right now as we speak.

I'd never move again, I'd just sit there till the sun burned through my bones and I turned to dust."

Adam has been missing for seven months, leaving his mother, Lia, and step-father, Nick, in a state of limbo and a lack a closure. An intrusive ITV producer and an unhelpful medium do little to assuage their anguish. Until one day, a boy with severe memory loss turns up - looking uncannily like Adam, and holding his passport. This psychological thriller is a deep and powerful exploration into parental grief, hope in the midst of uncertainty, and the media's exploitation of real life tragedies.

Enlightenment was performed in May 2019 with Minotaur Theatre Company, and won awards for Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Set Design, Best Directorial Team, and Best Production. 

****1/2 - "These courses have helped several well-known names in the theatre world to start their careers, and I would keep a look out for the members of this cast and crew as they move into the wider world of the performing arts." - Norwich Eye.

Written by Shelagh Stephenson.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Assistant Director - Georgia Crowe.

Stage Manager - Aimee Wright.

Designer - Savanah Selleck.

Lighting Designer - Shem Jacobs.

Sound Designer - Eavann Mallon.

Lia - Tara O'Sullivan.

Nick - Fergus O'Loan.

'Adam' - Pete Rapp.

Joanna - Ella Thompson.

Gordon - Alex Wiseman.

Joyce - Molly Farley.

Photography by Millie Amies, Molly Bernardin, and Charlie Toney.

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