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Greg In A Bed

10th February 2018

TOM: It’s just, um, let’s say, let’s say I’ve gone a bit insane, just humour me for a second, let’s say I’ve gone insane and I’ve forgotten all about who Greg is. Would you mind filling me in a little bit? Just hypothetically gone insane. You know.


KAREN: Well, hypothetically insane Tom, Greg is the third part of our triumvirate.


TOM: Our… our what?

One morning, writer Tom wakes up next to is girlfriend, Karen, only to find a stranger named Greg lying in between them. Unfortunately for Tom, he is the only person in the world who doesn't know that Greg is actually his long-term partner in a polyamorous relationship. 

Greg In A Bed is a high-paced, existential comedy that debuted at the Spotlight Festival in 2018.

Written by Bethan Moore.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Lighting & Sound - Theo Smith.

Tom - Joem Opina.

Karen - Felicity Rose.

Greg - Stuart Thomson.

Photography by Natalie Froome.

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