New Performance Date: 18th June 2021.

"I know what happens next. Because of this. And I'm not ready to have my life dissected."

There has been a serious allegation made against Milly. And the only person who will listen to her is her academic advisor, Roger. As Milly tries to navigate her first year of university, rumours throw her life into chaos as she struggles to prove her innocence. Roger offers her a safe space; his office door is always open and she’s welcome to a cup of tea. But there may be more to these accusations than meets the eye...

Naughty is a powerful exploration into victim shaming and bureaucracy at University. As part of Make It Beautiful Theatre Company's Shorts Festival

Written by Ella Thompson.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Props Construction - Stuart Thomson.

Sound Design - Eavann Mallon. 

Poster - Jack Hansen.

Milly - Lily Millar.

Roger - James Burgess.

Naughty Poster - New Date.png