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4th to the 9th February 2019

"If I god almighty himself,

and destroyed this first attempt at life.

What would my second version be?

...a dead end of endless possibility."

A boy wakes up in the middle of a field in London, surrounded by the remnants of the night before. This pedlar boy takes us on a journey through the privileged and corrupt doorsteps of London as he searches for the one thing he has been missing his entire life. This beautiful one-man play explores through spoken word society's treatment of the homeless, and young-offenders trying to find a second chance.

Peddling opened at the Maddermarket Theatre in February of 2019, and was produced by Coast To Coast Theatre Company. 

***** "This is a powerful and captivating work, and should make us think about how we treat the many young people who have not been given a stable and secure start in life." - Norwich Eye.

"Douglas's dark directorial style works perfectly with Melling's poetic script; the rhymes and eloquence of the writing are made hypnotising by the precision of Fear's performance." - Concrete-Online.

Written by Harry Melling.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Assistant Director - Zoe Callow.

Stage Manager - Ella Thomson.

Lighting Design - Fergus O'Loan.

Sound Design - Adam Whitehead.

Boy - Seb Fear.

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