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The Effect

18th to the 20th January 2018
5th May 2018

"It's not an 'it', Toby, we're talking about me! What if it's a symptom, not a disease? What if it's a useful pain, throbbing, saying 'change your life, change your life' then you come with your pills and take all that away"

Set during a clinical drug trial, The Effect follows Tristan and Connie, two young volunteers, as they take an experimental anti-depressant, distributed by their clinicians Dr. James and Toby. However, the trial does not go to plan when the drug begins to simulate the sensation of falling in love. Breaking the rules and unable to resist their attraction, the play poses the question: is their love real, or is it just the chemicals - and what's the difference?

Performed in a minimalist set, The Effect was staged for UEA Drama Society, and won awards for Best Lead Actor, and Best Directorial Team. The production was also short-listed for the National Student Drama Festival in 2019, with the entire company being invited to be a part of the NSDF Company in 2019.

"The Effect definitely made a lasting impression, addressing the issues surrounding topical mental health debates and posing the emotive question; is it possible to manufacture love?" - Concrete-Online.

Written by Lucy Prebble. 

Co-Directors - Charles Douglas & Will Norris.

Production Manager - Molly Farley.

Lighting Designer - Fergus O'Loan.

Connie - Anna Gould. 

Tristan - Thomas Guttridge.

Dr. James - Sophia Dibbs.

Toby - Nick Struck.

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