The God of Carnage

12th-14th August

"How many parents standing up for their children become infantile themselves?"

When the well-to-do parents of two children meet to discuss a violent playground incident, they agree to talk civilly about the matter. But as the drinks pour, polite discussion gradually degenerates into havoc. In a desperate attempt to defend their children, tribalism takes full force, spiralling to a crescendo of chaos.  If you thought that tantrums were just for kids, then think again…

Yasmina Reza's famous The God of Carnage will take place at The Questors Theatre this August.

Written by Yasmina Reza. Translated by Christopher Hampton.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Stage Manager - Jacquelyn Ross-Rayner.

Designer - Bron Blake.

Lighting Design - Lloyd Wallis.

Sound Design - Emerson Bramwell.

Véronique Vallon - Lydia King.

Michel Vallon - Matthew Benson.

Annette Reille - Becky Hartnup.

Alain Reille - Simon Rudkin.