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The Helpline

4th May 2020

"It’s horrible to know you’ve ruined something.  When you’ve said things you can’t take back.  Done damage you can’t repair. 

But if you’d only give me the chance I’d do everything I could to make it up to you.

After falling out with his daughter, Paul is desperately searching for her to tell her something important. When he finds out that she's working at a hotline, he calls through in order to talk to her. An honest and heartbreaking portrayal of the difficulties of parenthood, clashes between generations, and putting differences aside for your family.

The Helpline was written for Coronavirus Theatre Club in May 2020, during lock-down, and features Emmerdale's Liam Fox.

Written by Jonny Bussell. 

Director - Charles Douglas.

Paul - Liam Fox.

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