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Vaudeville Hearts

November 3rd 2017

"A song can be interpreted differently or a film can make you think
differently, but comedy’s just, like, you either laugh or you don’t. There’s no in-between.
You know instantly if you’ve failed or not."

An aspiring singer, Jo, and a silent clown, Pete, sit down at a bus stop and have a conversation. Though at first slightly awkward, due to Pete's reluctance to speak, the pair open up to each other, and explore their anxieties on whether they'll be able to make it in the industry. A sweet and relatable exploration into grief, anxiety, and keeping positive when the world gets you down. 

Vaudeville Hearts debuted at Minotaur Theatre Company's 'Shorts Festival' in 2017, and won the awards for Best Actor In A Short Play, and Best Short Play.

"Vaudeville Hearts was a clear and genuine crowd-pleaser, starting the evening on a high with a standing ovation. ...the short was a great life-affirming depiction of two strangers sharing a chance encounter that blossoms into a beautiful twenty minutes of fun" - Concrete-Online.

Written by Toby Skelton.

Director - Charles Douglas.

Designer - Katy McEntee.

Lighting Designer - Fergus O'Loan.

Sound Designer - Katie Smith.

Jo - Holly Richards.

Pete - Thomas Guttridge.

Photography by Liam Purshouse.

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